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Freedom Model Retreats & The Freedom Model Success Rates

Independently Measured and Verified

Only Freedom Model Hires an Independent Research Company to Measure Long Term Sobriety

The Retreats offers the only approach in the United States that has an independent research company measure and then verify long term sobriety rates after a guest has returned home from completing The Freedom Model. We are also the only approach that publishes and provides public access to these studies. We are an open book!

Drug Treatment & Drug Rehab Alternative Success Rate

It has been our mission since 1989 to provide a program based on evidence that will free the guest from the harmful addiction and recovery cycle that keeps people struggling and trapped. We know that our unaltered program results stand on their own. This is why we are so confident that The Freedom Model will help you or your loved one - our track record speaks for itself.

The survey consists of a single inquiry pertaining to the alcohol and drug use of the individual. The answers are gathered from the program graduate and a corroborator (usually a family member or program payee). The survey is set up to include only two categories; "using" and "not using." Those who have successfully moderated their use are included in the "using" category for the research purpose of the study. This provides for an unbiased result.

Please take a moment and review the studies below. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Alcohol Treatment and Alcohol Rehab Alternative Success Rate

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are seeking alcohol or drug treatment and you are gathering preliminary information from different websites, we recommend you ask every treatment center you talk to where and how they get their statistics. Then, after they answer, ask for the documents as proof. Do not be surprised to find that no other facility has documentation of a success rate because they do not care enough to see if what they are providing is effective. The Freedom Model is effective because we clear away the myths surrounding the concept of addiction and we provide a path out of the treatment and recovery trap.



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