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The Denial Lie of Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol TreatmentAre you looking for an Alcohol Treatment Center? You might want to review the Freedom Model Program instead. We offer an Effective Alternative to Alcohol Treatment Centers. A Non 12 step, Non Disease Based program that builds confidence and success, not learned helplessness

All control model alcohol treatment centers promote the denial theory. Freedom Model knows that denial does not exist. The denial theory is where the indoctrination of powerlessness over your own life begins, and Freedom Model is not a believer in powerlessness. We are promoters of empowerment, not in making people believe they are weak and dependent. As such, this article is the beginning of a series aimed at reversing any damage that may have been created by "learned helplessness" techniques that are the foundation of control model alcohol treatment center programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and the drug and alcohol treatment community in general.

If a person says to a trained control model alcohol treatment center professional, such as certified counselors, therapists or other addiction professionals, etc., "I do not have a problem with alcohol or drugs," the immediate response from the alcohol treatment center professional will be, "You are in denial. The first sign of a true alcoholic or addict is that the person denies that the problem exists." This, of course, is a circular argument that defies any reasonable logic. After an alcohol treatment center professional asks, "do you think you have a problem," whatever you say will be self-incriminating.

As the conversation continues, the client may say, "So what you're telling me is, if I deny a problem exists, that means it actually does exist, and the only other alternative is to agree that I have a problem. Either way, I end up having a problem!" The client's frustration serves to validate the alcohol treatment center professional's argument: "If you really don't have a problem, then why are you upset; why all the defensiveness and aggression?"

The very idea that a person who uses alcohol or drugs to excess does not know there is a problem is simply absurd. What these pro-denial theorists at alcohol treatment centers are really trying to do is rationalize why heavy substance users consistently behave in a ways that seem foolish, tragic, and many times destructive, hurting themselves and those around them. It is impossible for a person who has never struggled with substance use problems to understand why substance users continue this behavior when it has become so problematic for them. Pro-denial theorists who work at alcohol treatment centers believe that people would stop their self-destructive behavior if they knew the seriousness of their condition and the obvious lack of judgment in their choices.

But this theory does not stand up to scientific scrutiny. The truth is scientific research shows that people can only move their lives in a direction of their choosing, not in a direction of their not choosing. In other words, people do have control over their decisions and actions and will do exactly as they choose, all the time. Substance users, who may experience severe consequences for their behavior, make the conscious decision to use, in spite of negative consequences, because that is what they want to do. They certainly may lie to others about their motives and/or their behaviors, but this form of denial is not internal to the user. It is for the purposes of self-preservation so they may continue their behaviors while attempting to avoid the judgment of others.

The first reaction by pro-denial theorists working at alcohol treatment centers or alcohol rehab programs,about the idea of personal responsibility is: "How do you know substance users know what they are doing? You cannot read their minds. You cannot really say that substance users always know what is or is not their problem. Look at the evidence! These people would never hurt themselves or those around them if they truly knew what their habit was doing to them and others!"

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