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What Is It and Does Anyone Really Need It?

Drug Rehab ProgramHave you been unsuccessfully searching for a drug rehab for yourself or a loved one? Have you been in and out of drug addiction treatment centers offering a 12 step program with no results, leaving you extremely frustrated? If so-- The Freedom Model is your answer..

The Freedom Model does not make anyone surrender to the power of drugs like drug rehabs do; instead The Freedom Model focuses on motivation, empowerment, and the truth. The Freedom Model does not advocate belief in the "disease of addiction" myth. There is no disease of drug use; and, there is no disease of addiction! Substance users make the choice to use drugs which has been proven by leading psychologists and researchers for more than 50 years now.

The Freedom Model has helped thousands over the past 3 decades.. It is a well known fact that for more than seventy years traditional 12 Step programs have no positive effect  helping people stay sober. In fact, attending a 12 step program may actually decrease your chance of becoming and remaining drug free.

Drug rehab centers and treatment programs here in America are generally 12 Step oriented. There are countless programs that believe substance users require a drug rehab program to survive. All of these programs believe substance use is a disease, all are defined as treatment or rehab.

What Makes Freedom Model's An Alternative To Conventional Drug Rehab programs and treatment centers?

At Freedom Model Retreats, The Freedom Model is based on research, comprehensive education and common sense. The Freedom Model works because it upends the entire addiction and recovery paradigm, freeing the individual from the treatment trap completely.

The Freedom Model demonstrates through an educational process that there is so much more to life than believing in the addiction and recovery cycle. Our message is simple: before enrolling in a program do your research. We're confident you'll discover enough to make you want to choose The Freedom Model, a course only offered at the Freedom Model retreats that bases its model core on a non-disease-based education and not the myth of addictive diseases or endless recovery.

Why should I Choose Freedom Model's over all other Drug Rehab Programs?

The main reason why people choose Freedom Model's over drug rehab centers, is because of our non rehab approach: The Freedom Model. In addition, The Freedom model is the opposite of the ineffective methods taught at all 12 Step facilities. At the Freedom Model there are no labels such as a drug addict, we will not set excuses for failure, and most importantly you will not be encouraged to become a part of the recovery community. Ultimately, our goal is to help you realize you can move past the entire addiction and recovery concepts and live free.This is why Freedom Model's is not treatment, and the number one reason why people choose The Freedom Model offered here. Let Us Help You! Call and speak with one of our caring family consultants today!

Prof. Peter Venturelli Ph.D. Valparaiso University in Indiana

Drug Rehab ProgramsHow can teaching people they are powerless be helpful? All people struggle at times in life, saying you are powerless is self-defeating and promotes helplessness and depression. The key to getting through your struggles is to tap into your own inner strength and power, find what truly makes you happy and feel good about yourself and move in that direction. The Freedom Model is remarkable in that it provides a curriculum and process specifically designed for self-directed change. In going through the process each person is provided the researched information to move past both the addiction construct and the myths that prop it up, and the recovery culture that keeps you tied to addiction. They are then able to face any future struggles with confidence, strength and hope for a better future. More Reviews Here


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